Here are some words that have been sent, in response to the New Oregon Flag proposal:


Dear Mr. Norquist,

I just wanted to offer my words of support for your project. I've read some of the not-so-kind reader comments on the bottom of some of the news articles related to your flag design and felt compelled to express my enthusiasm. I will disclose that I am not an Oregon resident, but I've always considered the Beaver State my second home since both of my parents are born and raised Oregonians and most of my extended family live throughout the state. I also hope to call Oregon my actual home in the near future.

Anyway, I wanted to say that I think your flag design is gorgeous. The first moment I saw it I immediately recognized how simple, bright, bold, unique, and distinctly Oregonian it is. I also appreciated how it pays tribute to the flag it would replace by retaining the navy and gold colors as well as the beaver from the reverse (and that's coming from a hardcore Ducks fan who recognizes the difference between the Oregon beaver and the OSU Beaver). But beyond that, once I read your explanation of the design, I was floored by how well it represents and symbolizes all that you meant it to without being even remotely complicated. I also feel it takes the best elements of California's flag and incorporates them in a way that is far more beautiful and which can only be recognized as Oregonian.

I'll say that while I think Oregon's current flag, with it's unique double-sided design, will always be a treasured part of the state's rich history, I think your design would be a fitting and worthy symbol that all who love the Beaver State could be proud of. I will be following and rooting for the passage of Senate Bill 473 and I hope to be able to fly your flag in my front yard someday.

Scott Cowan



All I can say is WOW! Thank you SO MUCH for your words of encouragement. Yes, there have been some downright vicious comments on the news sites regarding my flag proposal. Yet I haven't taken any of them to heart. I truly believe my design would be a great representation for Oregon. (There are quite a few people who seem to have nothing better to do than to offer up sarcastic and demeaning comments on news stories. Also, on one of the news sites, they actually cut off quite a bit of my design when they posted it, so it's no wonder people didn't like it!) 
I definitely wanted to pay homage to our current flag, and that's why I brought the beaver to the fore. I, myself, am the parent of a U of O graduate (go Ducks!), so this design surely has no roots in collegiate rivalry. It's actually quite funny, how many people (friends, as well as strangers) have commented about the absence of a duck on the flag. What are they thinking? Oregon was the Beaver State long before OSU's mascot was the beaver! 
I'm also amused about your reference to the California flag. Someone, somewhere, commented that my design reminded them of the CA flag: "Critter with a star," or something like that, is what they said... In truth, I never meant that similarity! As a life-long Oregonian, I have to admit that I disdain ANYTHING that would link our state to CA!   ;)  (We Oregonians are staunchly opposed to Californication!)  :) 
Yes, many people have expressed their feelings that they like the fact that our flag is unique: in that the obverse is different from the reverse. But my opinion is that it would be a much better distinction to have a colorful, bold, recognizable flag! IMHO, even though our current flag has that distinction (front different from the back), when you see it flying from a pole, it most often looks like just a dark blue, almost black, sheet. Not distinctive in any way!
Thanks again, for your kind words ("gorgeous!"). It means so much! 
I hope this proposal moves forward. 
/\\ /\/