You can help Oregon adopt a bold, new, beautiful flag!

Contact your legislator, and tell others about this!

The Oregon Legislature is the body that has the authority to adopt a new state flag, and they won't do it without your support! 

HERE is a link to the State of Oregon website-- it's the official state page that lets you find out who your state Senator and state Representatives are. It'll provide you an email for each.

EMAIL YOUR STATE SENATOR AND REPRESENTATIVE! It'll only take a few minutes! Direct them to this site, and tell 'em you support the adoption of this flag. The bill that's in the Oregon Senate is Senate Bill 473. 

Then, after you contact your legislators, tell your friends about this! Get a bumper sticker!


Bumper Sticker


Tell your friends that you are in favor of adopting a new flag for ALL of Oregon. Link to this site!  

"Like" our Facebook page! (See the right margin.) We need to get the word out to as many people as possible. 

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